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How to Claim Insurance: Life Insurance

How to Claim Insurance: Life Insurance – When it comes to insurance, you will get acquainted with various interesting terms. Which you may not have heard of before. Whether it's when buying life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, or something else.

In addition, there are also several ways and things that must be considered. One of them is how to file a claim. Simple things like this, even if you pay close attention to them. Because if you don't, it's a loss.

Also read the policies provided by the company. Among the many things that even though we understand, this time we will only discuss how to file a claim.

This is because perhaps, there are still quite a lot of customers who don't know how to make a claim. For that, see the following explanation. 

How to claim insurance 

Please note, that the way insurance claims are usually different. So, you even pay attention to what insurance is chosen. Is it health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, or something else? For those who are curious, you can see the following explanation.

Life insurance The first way to file an insurance claim that we will discuss is life insurance. For those who have already purchased this type of insurance, there are several ways that might be done. Life insurance itself is one of the insurance products that are quite widely purchased by our society.

This insurance will provide protection for the families of its customers from financial losses caused by the death of the customer or the insured who acts as the backbone of the family. In general, insurance companies that offer this type or product of insurance have the best 4 types of life insurance.

Namely, unit-linked life insurance, then dual-purpose life insurance, and others. Unit-linked life insurance is life insurance that offers self-protection products as well as promising investments for the future of its customers.

While dual-purpose life insurance is insurance that provides two benefits. Namely as a term life insurance, as well as savings. How do you file an insurance claim? First, please contact the insurance company.

This is in order to be able to report to the company, that the insured party has died. Those who self-report must be the heirs. Thus, the company will immediately confirm and will contact the heirs, in order to conduct several interviews.

Furthermore, the company provides a claim submission form for life protection because the insured party dies. Don't forget to prepare the required documents and fill out all the forms, then send them to the company.

Finally, the company will carry out what is called a verification process and will carry out an analysis if the data is complete. If the application is accepted and approved, the company will immediately contact the heirs.

As for the documents that must be prepared, such as the original policy and endorsement, then a photocopy of all examination results, both radiology and laboratory, a photocopy of the identity of the beneficiary or heir, can also be an ID card, a death certificate originating from the local government, and so on. .

Thus a brief explanation of how to apply for life insurance must be considered. For how to submit other insurance claims, you can read our other posts.

In addition, there are many other insurance discussions that can be known. And it would be better if you pay close attention. So, hopefully useful, and good luck. 


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